Guidelines-Rules-And the like

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Guidelines-Rules-And the like

Post  Admin on Sat Mar 15, 2008 2:47 am

I'm just gonna go over a few direct things with y'all, I want you to know what we want and what we dont, so, here, it is:

Getting Banned-
If you have been breakin the rules, we'll give ya a warning, if ya don't comply or you result in multiple warnings, hwwit *makes head coming off motion* off ya go, we WILL and CAN IP ban you.
There could be kids around here, in my opinion, say, but star out a letter or two, e.i., FU*K S*IT B**CH.
Results in a warning, you can fight, you can disagree, you CANNOT use swearing as your anger-plug.
Comics - You don't have too cover any swears, no high sexual content, making out is fine, two cartoons shagging in a Shaggin' Wagon' = NOT OK. I don't mind minimal nudity, as long as it keeps an artistic sense, again, no girls droppin' the tops, bare tush= a-ok.
Avatars - No racist pics or gifs, same with nudity.

Thanks for reading, I hope you will comply!

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